Roni The Sexy Lady Of Southern Soul & Blues



The Sexy Lady of Southern Roni is a young lady from Mendenhall, Mississippi who is about to set the Southern Soul world on fire. Armed with striking beauty, a blockbuster Southern Soul sound and a philosophy that is hard to beat. This lady can’t miss. “The road to success is not a straight shot. There are curves called Jobs, loops called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights that could put you in a Grave, caution lights called Family, and there are definitely flats called Failure,” However she said, “I had a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, and insurance called Faith. These were all useful tools during my journey, but I had to realize that I am just a passenger and Jesus the driver helped me navigate to a place where it was possible to achieve my goals,” she mused. As with most artist, Roni began singing in her home church choir at the age of four and with the training and direction she received there, she was fortified with a spiritual centeredness that will only make her star shine brighter. Roni first came on the Southern Soul music scene as a background singer for Nathaniel Kimble, next she gained experience with the “King of Southern Soul’ Sir Charles Jones and also with the legendary Bobby Rush and the amazing ‘Jazzy’ Jeff Floyd. Also like most artists, Roni, after winning a talent contest in Vicksburg, MS, she began her career as the opening act for a number of different artists on a number of shows, or as they say in the industry, she was “paying her dues” and despite some downfalls along the way, she soon got her break. Roni was introduced to Steve Ganaway, the owner of “Allison Records,” in Nashville, TN and she says, “That was when my career was really born and it became my time to shine.” Now with someone who believes in her, she is taking her love of music and singing to the next level. The rising star said, “I am more than ready for the famous Chittlin’ Circuit.” With a new found sense of purpose and desire to buttress her audio attack on the masses, RONI HAS ARRIVED! The three top singles on the CD are “Call Me,” “Let’s Shake It” and “Do You Want What I Want?” Also included on the CD is a cut entitled “Can’t Stop a Good Thang,” which Roni says she wrote chronicling the many obstacles that she faced striving to get to this point in her career." “Can’t Stop a Good Thang,” is about the extraordinary strength in takes to reach a dream and that when you got it, nothing or no one can stop a good thing,” she declared. With her beautiful yet challenging persona and God given musical talent, Roni is more than qualified to carry the title “Sexy Lady of Southern Soul.” The Chittlin’ Circuit welcomes you. WWW.CHITTLINCIRCUIT.COM